The FLOWER EMPEROR duster robe. The most beautiful embroidered mesh full of colourful red flowers and gold sequin detail. The minute I set my eyes on this fabric I knew that I had to buy it immediately. There was only enough left to make one thing and I don't think I could have created anything more suited for it. Bright red pom pom trim to match the flowers and a comfortable, light lining that you can either rock topless or with whatever you desire to wear underneath. This one of a kind duster robe is bound to turn a ton of heads during festival season or anywhere else you decide to rock it. You'll be the only one in the world that has anything like it!


    ONE SIZE - This fits S - XL, but everyone likes things Please read the following measurements to know exactly what you're getting:


    Length of Robe - approx. 47.4"

    Width of Robe - approx. 61.5"

    Sleeve Length - approx. 5"

    Sleeve Width - approx. 11"




    Made with Embroidered Mesh, 100% Cotton Gauze as lining and Pom Pom trim.

    • Garment Care

      Due to its delicate, hand-made nature, each Chic Little Boho garment possesses unique variances. To uphold its character, please DRY CLEAN your special gem.