• WE WELCOME. tees

    I’ve been wanting to make these for SO long now and have finally got the push to follow through with them. The idea behind the tees is to raise awareness on each topic that is currently being addressed and donate all proceeds from the t-shirts towards different organizations that will help with each of these topics. With all the racial awareness happening right now, I really wanted to do something to contribute more. I wanted to create something that could be used again and would start a little tribe of us who speak up for the things we believe in/want to create a positive changes for.
    All the proceeds from these shirts this month will go towards Black Lives Matter in hopes to keep this momentum going and really spark a positive change. During Pride I’ll bring these shirts up again and all proceeds will go towards an LGBTQ organization. Closer to The Wings for Life World Run (running for those who can’t), for example, have all the proceeds go towards spinal cord research.
    I’m going to sell them for $30 each (all proceeds going towards an organization to help one of these topics) + shipping. Sizes will range in S - XL (see size chart for scale). I can crop them to your desired length, as they will come longer (see picture examples). So, please let me know if you’d like one, along with what size and I’ll get them made in the next few days. Please note that I’ve added “ALL SPIRITUALITIES” on there too.
    If you know of any amazing organizations to do with any of these topics, please let me know. I’m doing as much research as possible, but I might miss out on some really important ones that could use the awareness and help.
    SO MUCH LOVE, ALWAYS! It breaks my heart to think that all of these topics are still issues and I hope one day there will be more that I can do, but I hope this small contribution helps the momentum and awareness to continue and that we can all stand together to make those positive shifts.